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Namibia needs no introduction as it evokes images of sand dunes, shipwrecks, starry night skies, animals blushed with powder white dust and tangerine landscapes with a blue backdrop.

Immerse yourself in the knowledge that lies beyond the sandy exterior of Namibia. Here are our fascinating facts on the jewel of the Western Coastline.

1. Namibia’s temperatures are reasonable

Despite clear skies in day and night, Namibia is not a destination where you will be grabbing a damp cloth or spending all your time in the swimming pool – of course, nothing stops you from floating all day!

From March to November, the desert nation reaches comfortable temperatures of 20 – 25 ˚C (68 – 77 ˚F), which creates a pleasant time for those needing to travel, explore or lounge around. Evenings in Namibia can be a little chilly as temperatures reach below 10˚C (50˚F) – remember to layer up, especially if you’re planning on a night of photography.

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2. Largest Cheetah Population

Dotted in the North of Namibia, arid open grasslands are home to Africa’s largest cheetah population. The open landscapes are perfect for the elusive cat as they thrive, reaching maximum speeds when hunting and allowing ample space and distance from predators such as lions.

Coupled with the vast landscape, Namibia has introduced many conservation programs that focus on restoring the cheetah population to what it once was. The conservation efforts put in place by the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) have helped stabilize the cheetah population in Namibia and other parts of Africa.

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3. Home to the second-largest canyon in the world

The Fish River Canyon is the second-largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon. This remarkable destination is home to many San Rock Art paintings and is steeped in history and scenic beauty. While the Fish River Canyon is Namibia’s second-most visited site, it receives less than 1% of visitors compared to the Grand Canyon.

If you are travelling to the South, ensure you have this natural canyon on your list. We recommend allocating enough time to wander and take in the extraordinary beauty of this Canyon.

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4. Dune 7: Tallest sand dune in the world

Dune you know, Namibia is home to the tallest sand dune. Dune 7 reaches 1,200 feet (370 meters) tall and surprise, its name comes from where it is situated. It is the seventh dune along the Tsauchab River as you head towards Sossusvlei from Swakopmund.

Along this route is vast depression or clay pan landscapes, towered over by huge sand dunes up to 300 meters high. Look out for springbok, ostrich and oryx among the sparse vegetation of this wild and beautiful spot.

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5. Namibia is a culinary delight

Cuisine is not often on your bucket list when visiting Namibia, but it should be. Home to German and African-influenced dishes, Namibia offers a culinary experience for any foodie. Fresh local beef, sausages and game are grilled on a traditional open barbecue and served with homemade flatbreads. Namibian Oysters and Large wild mushrooms are also on the menu if stocky meats are not your choice of cuisine. Vegetarian and vegan options are traditionally more limited, but Namibians are so welcoming and generous, they’ll go out of their way to find the best dishes and eateries for you.

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6. This is the oldest desert in the world

The Namib Desert is approximately 80 million years old, making it the oldest desert on earth. This ancient land mass is home to some of the most unique and strangest flora and fauna – from sand spiders to Welwitschia forests.

The 2,000-kilometre expanse is almost entirely uninhabited other than some small indigenous settlements. Its animal residents are specially adapted species that have developed techniques to survive the environment here – desert elephant, ostrich, oryx and the endemic Namib Desert beetle.

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Namibia is fascinating and we encourage you to explore this vast region, with Pembury as your guide.

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