20 Awe-Inspiring Photos of Namibia

|20 Awe-Inspiring Photos of Namibia



You can’t call Namibia beautiful. The word doesn’t carry enough impact or weight to accurately describe this southwestern African country. Rather, stark, striking, awe-inspiring, vast are on the right track. But words cannot really describe it at all – Namibia is an emotional destination. It evokes feelings we human beings rarely feel – it evokes the feelings of the true immensity and power of the planet. A visit to Namibia is a reminder of nature’s true magnificence and strength when left to its own. The country never stops moving and morphing, and despite seeming stark and desolate, life thrives and adapts in a beautifully unique way.

Namibia is like nowhere else on Earth. It is home to the world’s oldest, driest desert with the world’s highest sand dunes. The Namib Desert is characterised by its spectacular sand dunes refracting spectacular colours, from burnt organge to red to deep mauve. The Skeleton Coast is desolate and awe-inspiring. Etosha National Park is one of Africa’s top game reserves. Dominated by a vast, shallow pan of silvery sand, which sees tens of thousands of animals converge during the dry season to drink from the waterholes.

Here are 25 inspiring and breathtaking photos of Namibia, words do not do it justice.

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