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South Africa’s geographical diversity and beauty and its unique flora and fauna have been drawing explorers and travellers to its shores for hundreds of years.  Situated where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, South Africa is truly a “world in one country”, offering holiday-makers an impressive choice of vast areas of untouched wilderness, exciting game reserves and Big Five safari experiences, unique scenic wonders, majestic mountains, modern and sophisticated cities, pristine sandy beaches and nearly 3,000 kilometres of dramatic coastline, astoundingly vivid sunsets,  delicious cuisine and superb wines, and a kaleidoscope of colourful people and cultures making up this Rainbow Nation.

Despite being the most modern African country, South Africa still offers the attractions that draw people to Africa in the first place: vibrant traditional African culture, wild African bush and untamed wildlife.   It is no wonder that South Africa and its “Mother City” of Cape Town consistently win international “top destination” awards.

What’s more, South Africa offers affordable luxury, with world-class accommodation to suit every budget.  It is a great honeymoon destination, with romantic and memorable moments around every corner.  South Africa’s temperate, sub-tropical climate, the fact that most of the country is malaria-free, its First World infrastructure and the abundance of family-friendly accommodations, mean that it is the best family holiday destination in Africa.



Bianca Jansen van Rensburg
Bianca Jansen van Rensburg

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