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Epic Elephant Edits: Iconic Photographs of The African Elephant

World Elephant Day (and World Photography Day) is celebrated each year on the 12th and 19th August, respectively. With these iconic days approaching, the team at Pembury Tours decided to put together a collection of African Elephant photographs, captured by various photographers.

Each of these photographs has been artistically edited according to the style of the photographer.

Wildlife photography is a unique and skillful art. Each image captured takes patience, determination and a passion for wildlife.

Here are our Top 8 photographs of the mighty African Elephant:

Captured By: Alan J Hendry
Location: Etosha National Park, Namibia
Captured By: Geran de Klerk
Location: Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Captured By: David Clode
Location: Lewe Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya
Captured By: Harshil Gudka
Location: Amboseli National Park, Kenya


Elephants communicate through vibrations.

Elephants communicate in a variety of ways – including sounds like trumpet calls (some sounds are too low for people to hear), body language, touch and scent. They can also communicate through seismic signals – sounds that create vibrations in the ground – which they may detect through their bones.

Captured By: Hu Chen
Location: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania 
Captured By: Joaquin Rivero
Location: Okavango Delta, Botswana 
Captured By: Sam Balye
Location: Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda 
Captured By: Maurice Gort
Location: Addo National Elephant Park, Eastern Cape, South Africa 

There are many ways to capture these beautiful mammals and we hope you have enjoyed our Photographic Blog on the African Elephant. Remember to respect these mighty mammals when you come across them during your safari.

Although they are gentle giants, you should always adhere to your guide’s rules and guidelines during your safari, whether it be on foot or in the game-viewing vehicle. We encourage all our travelers to enjoy the time with these beautiful creatures but also to respect them as they are wild animals. Capture these giants with gratitude and patience.

This will not only ensure your experience is unforgettable, but this will ensure the wildlife remains ‘untouched’.

Enjoy your safari!  

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