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Colourful Kenya

Colourful Kenya

Pembury has chosen Kenya as our destination of the month for May 2021. This colourful nation is often referred to as Magical – safari, history, culture, dramatic landscapes, glimmering lakes and beautiful seaside towns, how could it not be magical?

Kenya has won the World Travel Awards “Leading Africa Destination” since 2019 and as we embark on our own journey to find out why this country should be featured on any travellers’ “must-see” list, we invite you to travel along.

With a coastline along the Indian Ocean and bordering countries with the likes of Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, Kenya is a Gateway for a thrilling journey through East Africa. Seasonal direct flights to Kenya, from almost anywhere in the world, allow travellers to access East Africa with ease.

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Why Kenya?

Picture this…

You disembark your flight; you are met with a warm and cheerful greeting as you are transferred to your hotel in Nairobi. As with any flight, it felt like forever as you zapped through time zones and countries. Feeling groggy and tired, you expect to have a quick power nap en route to your hotel but instead, you cannot help but enjoy the sights of Africa’s business hub. High-rise buildings, bustling streets, and suddenly, you spot a giraffe….

Wait, what?

Yes, a giraffe!

Nairobi National Park borders this busy city and as with any African Country, this is only the first of many firsts for any traveller.

Arriving at your hotel, you are greeted (once again with a warm and cheerful smile) and finally, you can freshen up and enjoy the highly anticipated nap as you prepare for your magical journey ahead.

If you are spending more than one night in Nairobi (highly recommended if you have the time); we can arrange a guided day tour that includes a visit to the Giraffe Sanctuary, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Karen Blixem Museum.

Fast-forward to the day you depart Nairobi. By now, you have become accustomed to African Time, and we are not just referring to the actual time. In Africa, we like to enjoy and appreciate each moment in life, and this means, we take things slow, and as you may have noticed, we are never rushed.

Set flight or travel by road to your next destination. No matter the mode of transport, you are treated to breathtaking scenery as you embark on the next chapter, a safari.

Describing a safari is difficult as you simply cannot put the sights, sounds, and smells into words. So, we thought, why not show you…

As you reach the end of your safari, your tranquil setting along the Kenya coastline awaits. Warm and sparkling waters, white sandy beaches and a variety of activities make this the perfect place to end your journey.

And now, you are on your way to the airport, reminiscing about your Kenyan Experience. Wipe away the tears as you board the plane heading home. You have a camera filled with photographs and a heart filled with memories.

When you travel to Africa, we never bid farewell but simply, see you later.

Need more inspiration for your journey to this magnificent country, we invite you to explore the cuisine of Kenya

Where to Go?

Now that we have convinced you to book your ticket to Kenya, you need to decide where to go.

Kenya is a diverse and vast country, offering each traveller an opportunity to explore their known interests and find out their new ones. Whether you are in search of wildlife, birdlife, flora, culture or a beach destination, Kenya has it all.

For our safari lovers, a visit to the Masai Mara National Reserve is highly recommended. Reserve your seat for the Great Migration and many more exciting game-viewing opportunities in this game-rich wilderness.

Do not overlook the other parks in Kenya as they offer an alternative experience to the renowned Masai Mara. Samburu National Park is home to the unique antelope species, Gerenuk and a great population of Kenya’s leopards. Amboseli National Park is a great location for all elephant enthusiasts and the Tsavo East and West National Parks offer dramatic landscapes through a diverse ecosystem of swamps, springs, and peaks.

Forming part of the Great Rift Valley, Kenya’s lakes offer a refreshing view of Africa. The various lakes are home to flamingos, pelicans, shoals of shimmering cichlids and an array of land-based animals. We recommend including at least one of these lakes in your Kenyan experience.

Scattered throughout Kenya is a historical side that many travellers overlook. These Heritage Sites can easily be incorporated into your itinerary as many of them are located in well-known regions of Kenya.

We could continue writing about all the unbelievable experiences in Kenya, but we may cause Google to crash so we will end off with a blissful spotlight on Kenya’s coastline. White sandy beaches, a variety of fun and challenging activities, delectable cuisine and clear turquoise waters can be found in the vibrant region of Mombasa. This is the perfect beach “add-on”  for a pre or post-safari.

Kenya is a one-stop destination for all travellers.

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