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Mozambique is one of Africa’s hidden gems. It is home to white-sand beaches, coral reefs, turquoise waters and that distinctly vibrant African flair. This combined with colourful, colonial-style architecture, incredible wildlife and marine life, and a wonderful cultural mix (not to mention the abundance of delicious and spicy peri-peri chicken) make it a must-add to the travel bucket list.


Maputo is the capital of Mozambique. It is one of Africa’s most enthralling cities with its colourful, Mediterranean-style buildings set on wide avenues lined with lilac jacarandas and bright orange flame trees. With a vibrant nightlife, spicy, fragrant and Portuguese-inspired cuisine, and a deeply-ingrained culture and history, it’s worth staying a few days. It is a city of contrast – colonial-style buildings share streets with rickety stands selling fruits, nuts and fresh fish; Gustav Eifel’s Iron House is near to the serene, lush Jardim Tunduru botanical gardens. It is also, to the surprise of many, home to the longest suspension bridge in Africa (3km / 1.8 miles).


Foodies wanting to indulge in fresh seafood, fusion and traditional Mozambican cuisine.

History lovers looking to explore and witness the results of Portuguese influence on the city.

Suspension bridge fanatics.

Inhaca Island

(pronounced In-Ya-Ca)

Inhaca Island is Mozambique’s ‘something for everyone’ island. Just 40 kilometres (64 miles) off the coast, Inhaca is the perfect island getaway.  Water babies can snorkel and dive with parrot fish, Kingfish, turtles, rays, octopus and lobsters. Adventurous spirits can go kayaking or waterskiing on the deep blue water. For families, the white-sand beaches and rock pools are perfect for suntanning, picnics and beach-side games.

Inhaca is also great for eco-tourists. It is home to a variety of habitats such as woodlands, evergreen forest, grass plains, sand flats and mangrove spots. All of these are habituated by several beautiful and unique bird species, like the Golden Rumped Trinketbird, the Greater Flamingo and the Mangrove Kingfisher.


Snorkelers and divers who want to dive among beautiful and unusual marine life.

Families looking for a fun, beach holiday.

Eco-tourists in search of interesting and diverse flora and fauna.

Bazaruto Archipelago

Bazaruto Archipelago is made up of five islands with pristine beaches, incredible marine life and unique ecosystems. Bazaruto is relatively isolated from the mainland of Mozambique. As a result, nature has bloomed in full force. You can spot fish eagles and pink flamingoes, leatherback and green turtles, dolphins, rays, 2,000 tropical fish species, and the unique, rare dugong. The flagship species of the archipelago, Bazaruto sustains the largest refuge population of dugongs in the Western Indian Ocean.

Bazaruto’s islands encompass an extraordinary diversity of habitats – coral reefs, seagrass meadows, sand dunes, miombo woodlands and mangrove forests. The beaches have sugar-white sand and azure waters and are perfect for those looking to relax and those looking for adventure alike.


Those looking to get away from it all and truly relax.

Eco-tourists and nature lovers who want to discover unique and beautiful marine and terrestrial ecologies

Adventure and watersport enthusiasts looking to snorkel and dive in some of the world’s best sites, kayak and parasail undisturbed in waters shared with incredible marine life.

Gorongosa National Park 

Like many habitats and wildlife species, Gorongosa once suffered, almost detrimentally, due to extreme poaching and hunting. However, since proper protection projects and programmes have been implemented, the park is slowly being restored to its former glory. Referred to as the ‘Eden of Africa’, Gorongosa is one of the earth’s most incredible and diverse national parks.  You will encounter impala, waterbucks, hippos, crocodiles, elephants and lions. Birders will be happy to hear that it is home to over 300 species.

Wildlife aside, it’s the diversity of ecosystems that makes Gorongosa so special. It is an enthralling and captivating mixture of emerald-green floodplains, fever tree forests, palm trees and hanging vines. You can explore the Great Rift, Mount Gorongosa, savannahs, lakes and rivers.


Wildlife enthusiasts and animal lovers looking to experience a place where wildlife is being restored and protected.

Nature lovers who want to explore a diversity of unique and beautiful terrains.

Birders in search of new and rare sightings.

Sustainable tourists looking for a travel destination that works towards restoring wildlife, landscapes and local communities.


Though it seems like an unassuming seaside village, out of all the places to visit in Mozambique, Tofo is a must. Both days and nights are an entrancing experience of relaxed, authentic and exciting Africa.

Water lovers can take their pick of watersports and activities. Tofo is one of the few places on Earth where you can encounter gentle whale sharks and graceful manta rays all year long. Both scuba diving and ‘ocean safari’ snorkelling trips allow the chance to witness these incredible animals in their natural habitat. Tofo is also a hidden gem for surfers of all levels with uncrowded breaks, gentle waves, a reef break and larger swells. A dhow tour to Pig Island is the chance to have a more immersive and traditional experience of the azure African water. Of course, there is also kayaking, paddle boarding and wave skiing.

Stepping out of the water and on the shore is where the party continues, literally. During the day and night, you’ll find dance music and live music and the chance to let loose on the dancefloor.

The cuisine is also worth a mention. You can indulge in local flavours of coconut, cassava and locally sourced seafood.


Surfers, divers and snorkelers who want unique, special and uncrowded experiences.

Party and music lovers who want to experience African nightlife.

Foodies looking for immersive culinary experiences and authentic African / Mozambican cuisine.

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