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Top 5 Stargazing Spots in Southern Africa

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Pembury Tours’ Top 5 Spots for Stargazing in Southern Africa

The beauty of an African holiday means you can experience breathtaking moments from the sea to safari to sky. One of the biggest joys and hidden treasures of going on safari in Africa is the stargazing. Vast skies make for spectacular stars. Here are our top five stargazing spots in southern Africa.

1.  South Africa

Not only does South Africa have the Big Five, but her skies also boast the Celestial Big Five. The Celestial Big Five includes the Southern Pleiades, the Omega Centauri star cluster, the Coalsack Nebula, the Southern Milky Way, and the Eta Carinae nebula. One of the best spots to see these constellations is Cederberg, a 2-hour drive from Cape Town. The Kruger National Park also has several spots for safari visitors to stargaze, including the Pafuri River Camp and Olifants Rest Camp.

2.  Zimbabwe

The clear skies and low light pollution surrounding Victoria Falls make it a fantastic spot for stargazing. The Victoria Falls Safari Club offers free stargazing for its guests. The tour not only identifies stars and galaxies but explores the vastness and origins of the universe.

Pembury Tours-Zimbabwe-Stars

3.  Namibia

The NamibRand Nature Reserve in Namibia is considered one of the top spots in the world for stargazing. It is one of the world’s naturally dark places which allows for stunning views of the Milky Way. The skies are almost completely free from light pollution so expect to be blown away by award-winning views of the night sky.

Pembury Tours-Namibia-Stars

4.  Botswana

The Tuli Block in Botswana offers views of some of the world’s most incredible constellations. It is one of the world’s unspoiled areas with clear skies and air. We’d recommend going in September to when constellations such as the Seven Sisters and Orion’s Belt are completely visible to the naked eye.

Pembury Tours-Botswana-Stars

5.  Kenya

Because Kenya is so close to the equator, if you stay awake long enough it becomes one of the top stargazing spots in Africa because you can see both the northern and southern constellations. There are a number of lodges that offer breathtaking views of the night sky. Loisaba Conservancy actually rolls out the camp’s Star Beds at night to offer guests the chance to look at the spectacular skies all night long. 

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