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Social Distancing: How To Travel Without Leaving Home



We, humanity as a collective, is facing a completely unexpected challenge in the form of the Coronavirus. COVID-19 has turned into a pandemic infecting hundreds of thousands across the globe. 

The incredible thing about humanity is our ability to adapt. One of the biggest ways we are adapting to combat the continued spread of the virus is through social distancing. An increasing number of us are staying at home to prevent infection and contraction.  

One of the biggest sectors to be impacted by the virus is tourism and travel as countries have implemented travel bans and individuals have chosen not to travel during this time. We, at Pembury, completely support this – it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our clients (read our updated cancellation policy here).  

But, we like to think of ourselves as creative thinkers with innovative solutions.  Thank you to the incredible technology of today, being at home is not nearly as isolating as it once would have been. Technology connects us, and though controversial in terms of the negative impact it may have on our lives, right now it is a wonderful thing. We understand that you can’t come to visit Africa right now, but there isn’t any reason why Africa or the rest of the world can’t come to you. 

We’ve devised our top three ways to travel from home.  

1. Go on a Virtual Safari.  

One of the most magical and special African experiences is a safari. Whether you had to cancel or postpone your African vacation of are hoping to go on one once it is safe to travel, you can get a taste of the real thing through an incredibly immersive and interactive virtual safari. WildEarth is a live wildlife broadcaster that hosts live safaris in the heart of the African wilderness. Through their safariLIVE programmes, you can experience and interact witthe beauty of Africa from your computer or TV. Authentic and real, the safaris are unscripted and unpredictable, using safari vehicles, guides on foot, drones, balloons, rovers and remote cams to create the most exciting, thrilling and immersive virtual safari possible. The safaris take place in Kenya’s iconic Maasai Mara and South Africa’s world-famous Kruger National Park, both destinations offering different yet breathtaking safari experiences.  

And if you’re having to work from home with the little ones around, WildEarth Kids broadcasts educational and immersive live safari kids’ sessions 

There are many other game reserves that have webcams broadcasting live footage.

2. Tour an Art Gallery or Museum.  

Google really does have to be applauded for their ingenuity and dedication to creating accessibility of information. Google Arts and Culture as the name suggests is a platform dedicated to bringing the world’s artworks and cultures to life, all from a computer or a phone. Truly remarkable, you can virtually tour museums, such as the British Museum of London, or walk around art galleries, such as La Galleria Nazionale, you can take up-close tours of individual artworks, such as the Girl with the Pearl Earring, or walk around iconic tourist destinations, such as Nelson Mandela’s prison cell, through the street view  

Trust us, you can lose yourself in this incredible world of art, history, storytelling and discovery for hours. When you come up for air, you’ll feel inspired, creative and fulfilled from an hour or a day of ‘exploring’. Again, it’s a great tool for keeping the little ones occupied with an educational, immersive and entertaining tool.  

You can visit Google Arts and Culture on your laptop or desktop computer. Alternatively, you can download the app which has a number of additional and entertaining features.

3. Go Old School and Use Google Earth. 

Again, Google saves the day. Most of us are familiar with Google Earth, no doubt at some point you’ve used it to search for your house. But the whole planet is literally at your fingertips. Is there somewhere you were planning on visiting but had to cancel or are you in search of your next holiday destination? Google Earth’s Street View feature allows you to ‘walk the streets’ of almost anywhere on Earth – the perfect cure for cabin fever.  

A few clicks and zooms, you can find yourself walking through the Maasai Mara or the Serengeti, staring at panoramic views of Cape Town from Table Mountain, or walking through the ancient Stone Town of Zanzibar. It does not do Africa justice, but it does give you a taste of its spectacular diversity of landscapesscenery and beauty. 

We’re bringing Africa to you!

During the current pandemic of COVID-19, we understand that travel is impossible. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience a little bit of Africa! To help alleviate cabin fever and take you away from home without leaving home, we are providing some diversion. Experience Africa, without travelling to Africa!

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