Advantages of a Self-Drive Safari

|Advantages of a Self-Drive Safari



When it comes to safari experiences in Africa, the options are endless – cue hot-air balloons and horseback rides.

One of the most popular types of safari is the self-drive safari. A self-drive safari is an excellent way to indulge in all that Africa has to offer, without being rushed to the next stop on your itinerary or moving on according to the stranger’s needs next to you. You are literally in the driver’s seat of your holiday!

To leave your tour guide behind and experience the thrill of exploring destinations yourself is a wonderful opportunity. Taking the scenic route at your own pace, while visiting your favourite attractions, can be a joyous adventure.  Driving around can be a good way to meet the locals too, if that’s what you’re in search of when you travel!

There are plenty of benefits to a self-drive safari, but here are our top advantages for going on a self-drive safari:

1. Affordability

If you’re on a budget, a self- drive safari is a great option, at it is a more affordable option than a guided tour. Make sure to choose a car-hire option with limited mileage, as unlimited mileage, costs far more. Think practically – if you have a large family, rather rent a car that can accommodate everyone easily – you want comfort and space at the end of the day.  An average car rental will cost you from $30 (£22 / €27) per day to around $88 (£66 / €80) per day for a van or a 4×4.

A little bit of self-promotion here: booking with a tour operator, like Pembury, means that they will sort out all these details for you.

2. Flexibility

There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful bird or a breathtaking view and being unable to stop or appreciate it. This happens a lot with group travel where there is a strict travel schedule. With a self-drive safari, you control where and when you go because there are no fixed dates or times. Should any unexpected events or weather rain on your parade, you can easily plan around it as you decide what to do and where to go next.

3. Comfort and Privacy

Not only can you choose your own type of vehicle to rent, you can also choose your own travel buddies or family members to join you on a self-drive safari.  Meeting new people can be daunting, so travelling with strangers and sharing the confined space of a vehicle with them, might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Feeling comfortable on a safari can make or break the experience for you, so if you prefer exploring Africa in your own time with your own people, a self-drive safari is the way to go.

4. Better Game Viewing

Stopping next to the road in a secure game reserve or national park, means first come first serve.  With a self-drive safari, you stop when and where you want. If you arrive on a site first, you can stay there until you have taken that perfect shot, and then continue your game drive however you choose. There is also the added advantage (especially if you are slightly ‘vertically challenged’) of avoiding sitting behind people who will obstruct your view.

5. You Are in Control

Most guided tours will have a schedule that cannot be interrupted and spotting a warthog family might not be high on their priority list! A self-drive safari allows you to choose which animal sightings to spend time at. Apps like Latest Sightings give you the opportunity to make the most of all the moments spent in the wild, showing you where wild animals have been spotted last.

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