Pembury Tours’ Best Way to Explore Cape Town

|Pembury Tours’ Best Way to Explore Cape Town



There will come a day when we write about Cape Town without the mention of food. Unfortunately, today is not that day.

Many say the best way to experience a different culture is through the food. Many say that the best way to explore a new place is by walking. We think the best way is to combine the two.

A walking city food tour kills two birds with one stone – you try all the delicious food, and at the same time discover all the city’s culture and history (not to mention burning off the food calories as you walk).

Cape Town is one of the world’s most special cities – with a wonderful diversity of cultures, it is rich in flavours and history. One of our favourite ways to explore the Mother City is with a full day walking food tour. The tour takes you throughout the city, from the colourful Bo-Kaap to the cosmopolitan CBD and the steampunk-inspired Truth coffee shop. Along the way, you’ll discover all of Cape Town’s secrets and history, all the while indulging in delicious South African morsels. Every stop brings a new flavour and an interesting anecdote. It’s the perfect immersive experience into what makes Cape Town so special.

How it Works

As always with us, the tour is personalised to exactly what you want! Every tour is private, with just you and the guide.  This means you can tailor you experience and food to just what you’re craving. Be it shopping, sightseeing, history or even just eating, your tour guide will ensure you end the day with a full stomach and a feeling of being one of the locals. South Africans are friendly so don’t be surprised if your guide greets you like an old friend. They will meet you in the morning, discover what exactly you’re interested in and then lead you through Cape Town, stopping off at all the hidden gems along the way.

The Food

Like we’ve mentioned, and as you may have seen with our Traditional South African food posts (read them here and here),  South African food is rich and diverse in flavour. As a result, the food tour will transport you from the spicy, fragrant samosas of the Bo-Kaap to the rich, indulgent flavours of award-winning chocolatiers and refreshing infusions of locally-made gin. The food is all locally-produced and inspired by traditional South African dishes. You’ll get to experience koeksisters, melktert, biltong, pap and chakalaka (to name a few). Vegetarians are welcome, unfortunately the tours don’t cater for vegans just yet.

The Walking 

There are a few steep hills in Cape Town, so be prepared to get that heart rate up a little bit. However, because you stop often along the way, you do not need to be extremely fit. Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes and have a bottle of water on hand. Your guide will know all the ins and outs of Cape Town’s streets, so stick to them and you’ll be fine. The biggest benefit of the walking tour is you get to learn so much of Cape Town’s history that often goes unnoticed. It’s also a great way to immerse yourself in the truly unique Cape Town atmosphere.

A Few Tips

  • Carry a small bag or no bag at all.
  • Take a water bottle and a hat or sunglasses.
  • Wear layers – you might warm up with all the walking and need to shed your jacket!
  • Discuss with your guide beforehand how you will return to your hotel/next destination after the tour.
  • Don’t eat breakfast!

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