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Lockdown Lamingtons & more!


How are you feeling about this past year?

Tired of travel restrictions, bored, longing for Africa, done with sofa safaris, and want the real deal? Wondering when you can dust off your camera and passport? Yes, all of these are appropriate ways to feel about 2020.

We asked our Tour Consultants how they would describe a year with no travel and clients and were pleasantly surprised at their response. In one sentence we received an answer from our dedicated team:

Lockdown Lamingtons & more!

A year has passed since most of us went into lockdown. In this unfamiliar time, many of us started a new hobby, watched shows that would take us back to Africa, went through old photographs, made vision boards for our next holiday, learned a new skill, or exercised. While the team at Pembury Tours mostly spent time on Zoom calls with properties, keeping up to date with the latest travel trends and reading up on our favourite continent (Africa), our team also had time to bake, cook, crotchet, exercise and start a few DIY projects.

As we move into a familiar way of life, with many restrictions easing and a time where we can reconnect with our family and friends, we decided to share a few of our favourite recipes that we enjoy making (and perfected during lockdown) when getting together with loved ones.

1. Lockdown Lamingtons

By Anya Visser

During Lockdown, Anya spent time baking and learning the art of making the perfect lamington, as well as making a few changes to create a unique lamington. Some alternative ideas were:

  • Adding orange zest to your cake sponge prior to baking.
  • Instead of coconut, try chocolate sprinkles or chopped almonds
  • Change up the colours! Experiment with different food colouring agents to create different colours for your cake sponge.

Lockdown Lamingtons - Pembury Tours

2. Black Mussel Soup

By Melanie Macphail

Black Mussel Soup 1 - Lockdown Lamingtons - Pembury ToursBlack Mussel Soup 2 - Lockdown Lamingtons - Pembury Tours

3. Sautéed Greens with Rocket & Feta

By Susan Pattison-Wait

Susan’s inspiration came from South Africa’s multi-award-winning chef, Siba Mtongana. 

“Just before lockdown, my best friend gave me Siba Mtongana’s recipe book “Welcome to my Table”.  I thought it would be a fun lockdown project to cook my way through one entire cookbook (à la Julie/Julia) and Siba was an obvious choice.  She is fun, loud, colourful and proudly South African – and so are her recipes!  Some of them have now become regular family favourites, especially her Sautéed Greens with Rocket & Feta”.  Like all South African families, we love to braai (barbeque) and these sautéed greens are a great accompaniment to steaks or lamb chops.  They can be prepared ahead of time and are served at room temperature, so they are perfect for easy entertaining or if you are feeding people who are not wild about leafy salads.”  – Susan Pattison-Wait

Siba Sauteed Greens 1 - Lockdown Lamingtons - Pembury Tours

5. Carrot Cupcakes

By Tammy Harding 

Tammy Carrot Cupcakes - Lockdown Lamingtons - Pembury Tours

4. Butternut, Chicken & Feta Curry

By Heidi Bedford 

Heidi decided to create her own curry recipe during lockdown and she has perfected this dish since then. Creating this recipe from scratch, Heidi used different elements of her favourite foods to create an aromatic and delicious curry that can be enjoyed by everyone!

Heidi Curry - Lockdown Lamingtons - Pembury Tours

6. Marvelous Malva Pudding

By Kerry Ririe 

Malva Pudding 1 - Lockdown Lamingtons - Pembury ToursMalva Pudding 2 - Lockdown Lamingtons - Pembury Tours

6. Bobotie

By Gail Davis 

Bobotie is loved by many South Africans and once you taste this dish, you will know why!

Gail enjoyed making this traditional dish during lockdown with a few different sides to accompany the meal. Some of her best tried and loved options were:

  • Fragrant Yellow rice
  • Side of sliced bananas
  • Green salad with lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber (Feta works well too)
  • Roasted vegetables

Bobotie - Lockdown Lamingtons - Pembury Tours

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