Introducing Chisa Busanga Camp

|Introducing Chisa Busanga Camp



In the heart of the untouched Busanga Flood Plains in the north of Zambia’s Kafue National Park comes a new and unique safari camp. 

Busanga Plains is one of Africa’s hidden gems – described by our one lovely tour consultant, Anya, as “Serengeti meets Okavango Delta”. Remote and untouched, it is a therapeutic destination – perfect for those in search of reconnection and meditation. Vast open grasslands, an abundance of wildlife, exceptional bird viewing, and breath-taking sunrises make it the perfect background to this first-of-its-kind safari camp.  

The Camp

We can safely say you will not have seen a safari lodge that looks like Chisa Busanga Camp before. This is because the rooms are designed to look like giant bird nests. In fact, the name ‘Chisa’ translates to ‘bird’s nest’ in the local Nyanja language.  

Opening soon, there are 4 bird nest units in total, making not only for a unique safari experience but also for an intimate one with maximum of 8 guests at a time. Built on stilts and elevated to a height of 4 metres (13 feet), the nests make for the perfect spot to take in the sunrise and watch the wildlife on the plains below. Each nest is completely private, with its own en-suite bathroom and observation deck. One of the nests and the main boma have an electric lift so as to ensure there is access for guests with limited mobility.  

The central boma has a plunge pool which, like the nests, will enjoy a bird’s eye view (excuse the pun!) of the plains 

The Safari 

The safari experience is excellent – Chisa Busanga offers twice-daily game drives – at sunrise and in the evening. The game drive vehicle is electric which enable silent safaris. This enhances the game drive experience as you can better hear the sounds of the bush and see more game due to the silence of the vehicle. The camp also offers immersive and thrilling walking safariduring the full seasonAn exciting addition to their safari activities is that of cycling safaris on electric bicycles.  

The Wildlife 

The wildlife of Busanga Plains abounds. It is home to 158 mammal species, including elephant, buffalo, roan, puku, red lechwe. You also have the opportunity to spot the big predators – lion, leopard, wild dog and cheetah – in fact, it is the best chance of seeing the cheetah in Zambia. There are also a lot of hippos.  

Birdwatchers rejoice – the park is home to over 491 species of bird, including the wattled and crowned crane, herons and other waders.  

The Sustainability

Apart from the wonderful bird nests, what we love most about Chisa Busanga is their commitment to sustainability and conservation. Chisa Busanga is part of the green safaris group, so the clue is in the name.  

They run a number of projects that focus on community outreach and sustainability. Green Safaris runs a community farm which aims to benefit the local community by providing them with alternative food sources as well as extra income, from selling the excess to lodges and the local market.  

Chisa Busanga Camp is designed with the environment in mind. The camp runs fully off solar power. Any waste that cannot be composted is used at the Ila Community Farm where it is separated ad recycled. As we mentioned earlier, the safari itself is green due to the use of an electric safari vehicle.  

They also run the Green Safaris Conservation Foundation which actively supports a number of conservation organisations in their area. Their 2020 initiatives include Game Rangers International, Panthera, Hack the Poacher, Zambian Carnivore Projects, and South Luangwa Conservation Society.  

Guests can get involved through their pack for a purpose initiative which supports the local Chunga Community school. If you have any spare space in your luggage, they welcome contributions of stationery, medicines, medical equipment and sports equipment.  

The Best Time to Go

The plains flood during the rainy season which means the camp is seasonal, open from June to November. 

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