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Inspiring Photos Of Uganda | The Pearl Of Africa Is Magical

20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Uganda

|20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Uganda



If we had to describe Uganda in three words, they would be “gorillas”, “green” and “underrated”.

Gorillas, because these gentle giants are the country’s claim to fame. Rwanda gains the most attention for gorilla trekking, but Uganda is flying under the radar – offering the same incredible experience, for a much lower price. Green, because the colour abounds – you’ll see it in the lush forests, rolling hills, beautiful bird life and unusual little creatures. Underrated, because it still isn’t as popular as its East African counterparts – Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya.

However, we stand by it as Africa’s best kept secret. Known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda has everything to offer, from safaris, gorillas, and incredible landscapes to a strong cultural heritage, thrilling adventure activities and welcoming locals. In fact, it one of the rare places on the planet that encompasses every single ecological habitat – savannah, rainforest, grassland, heath, alpine, and permanent snow and ice!

It has everything that makes Africa so special, without all the crowds!

 Here are 20 inspiring photos of Uganda, just in case you aren’t convinced yet.

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