Exploring Namibia – Hoanib Valley Camp

|Exploring Namibia – Hoanib Valley Camp



A large portion of Africa’s beauty lies in her diversity. Namibia often flies under the radar when it comes to African destinations. However, it is home to the oldest desert in the world, stark and dramatic sand dunes, and rich rock art. Over 40% of Namibia is managed by conservation, resulting in many wildlife increasing in number. Many have called the country’s conservation efforts “The greatest African wildlife recovery story ever told.”

Hoanib Valley Camp

Every now and again, we stumble across somewhere offering a completely unique and beautiful African experience. This time it was the Hoanib Valley Camp. It offers a  truly memorable, immersive and intimate African experience.

Situated in north-western Namibia, Kaokoland is one of the country’s most remote and wild destinations. It combines sand dunes, expansive desert, and mountains with unique wildlife and the nomadic Himba people.  

The local communities and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation wanted to celebrate the environment. So they joined together to build Hoanib Valley Camp. It is an elegant, exclusive experience that immerses you in the surrounding environment. The six rooms merge seamlessly with the landscape and match the rugged, simple feel of the exterior. It’s a return to the golden days of safari. Days are spent tracking the desert-adapted elephant and giraffe. It also offers the opportunity to learn about Kaokoland’s ground-breaking giraffe research and spend time with the local Herero people.

It offers a truly unique way to explore a place that few will have the opportunity to discover.

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