Geocaching in Southern Africa

|Geocaching in Southern Africa



One of the biggest things we pride ourselves on at Pembury Tours is the fact that we create personalised vacations based on your interests. Every itinerary we create is unique, so every client has a unique experience! 

No challenge is too big and no interest too obscure. We always make the effort to merge your dream vacation with your passions. Pembury helps you discover your Africa.

Every now and then we have a really good story to share so we started Pembury Tales. This little anecdote involves a client who has a very niche interest.

Melanie, one of our tour consultants, has been planning an itinerary for a client who is a passionate geocacher who wants the freedom to go geocaching throughout the trip.

Geocaching, in case you aren’t sure, is defined as:

“an activity or pastime in which an item, or container, is hidden at a particular location for GPS users to find by means of coordinates posted on the Internet.”

Melanie has been working with all the service providers for the client’s trip to ensure there are geocaching spots at every location. This has been met with some confusion – geocaching is not a very prominent activity in South Africa. However, Melanie doesn’t mind a challenge. She’s been explaining it to everyone involved in the client’s trip. The service providers have come back with some interesting responses – one of them being “So it’s just like Pokémon Go?”

This entailed more research for Melanie. After all, her expertise lies in Africa! Luckily her son explained that Pokémon Go is a mobile app game. Every Millennial was addicted to it a few years ago.  So, with this knew found knowledge, she responded “Yes, but for older people,” 

The Point?

Well, geocaching is the non-Millennial version of Pokémon Go. And more importantly, our tour consultants will always go the extra-mile. They will make your trip encompass both the wonders of Africa and everything you are passionate about.