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Southern Africas Waterfalls | Exploring Your Favourites

Fall in love with Southern Africa’s waterfalls

|Fall in love with Southern Africa’s waterfalls


To celebrate the month of love, we are chasing waterfalls.

Fall in love with Africa this month as we explore our favourite waterfalls in Southern Africa!

Victoria Falls – Zambia and Zimbabwe

The iconic Victoria Falls is regarded as the largest waterfall in the world! It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is truly one-of-a-kind. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1989, UNESCO named the falls the “largest curtain of falling water in the world”.

The Zambezi river thunders over the roughly 1708 meter wide Victoria Falls and plunges 108 meters down into a gorge below.

The mighty Victoria Falls straddles the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and can be viewed from either side. There are various vantage points to view the falls. These range from the classic view of the magnificent Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwean side, to getting right up close to the rushing water on the Zambian side. Consider a helicopter flight over the majestic falls for an aerial view!

Did you know? Local tribesman call the fall “Mosi-oa-Tunya”, which means “the Smoke that Thunders”.

Best time to visit – February to May.

Lumangwe Falls – Zambia

Lumangwe Falls, dropping roughly 30 – 40 meters, are sure to take your breath away! This waterfall is located on the Kalungwishi River in remote northern Zambia, which is one of the most water-rich countries in Africa. Lumangwe Falls is set off the beaten track, but it is well worth the drive to visit this magnificent waterfall!

The air around the falls is filled with mist and sprays a small rainforest on the Kalungwishi river. There are several viewpoints from where you can view this incredible waterfall and it is an adventure in itself to locate them!

Did you know? This waterfall is said to be the home of the Great Snake Spirit, named Lumangwe.

Best time to visit – April to May.

Augrabies Falls – South Africa

The spectacular Augrabies Falls is a central feature of the Augrabies Falls National Park in the Northern Cape. The Augrabies Falls is a sight to behold when South Africa’s largest river, the Orange river, is at its fullest.

There are few waterfall sights that are as sound deafening as the majestic Augrabies Falls that thunders down an impressive 56m into a series of rock pools. One cannot help but marvel at this magnificent waterfall, boasting with various scenic viewpoints.

Did you know? Augrabies or “Aukoerebis” as it is known by the Khoi people, means the “Place of Great Noise”.

Best time to visit – April to September.

Tugela Falls – South Africa

Tugela Falls is located in the Royal Natal National Park in KwaZulu Natal. Forming part of the Tugela River, it is ranked amongst the highest in the world. It is the highest waterfall in Africa, dropping an impressive 948 meters!

This breathtaking waterfall boasts with awe-inspiring views of the iconic Drakensberg Mountain range! There are 5 distinct free leaping falls that cascade over the enormous cliffs of the Drakensberg Amphitheatre. Two hiking trails will lead you to the falls. The Tugela Falls hiking trail will take you to the source of the falls where you can experience the falls from the top. Whereas the Tugela Gorge hiking trail will take you through lush forests to towering views of the falls from the bottom.

Did you know? Tugela, also known as Thukela, means “sudden” or “startling” in Zulu.

Best time to visit – The Tugela River varies greatly in volume and as a result does not flow consistently, thus it is best viewed after heavy rainfall.

Falls along the Panorama Route – South Africa

Graskop, a small town in Mpumalanga, is the gateway to the Panorama Route. This route is arguably South Africa’s most scenic road trip! The roads on this route wind through remarkable natural landscapes with breathtaking views.

The Panorama Route is famed for its abundance of picturesque waterfalls. There are more waterfalls along this route than anywhere else in South Africa! Highlighting three iconic falls on this route, namely Lisbon Falls, Berlin Falls and Mac Mac Falls, each boasting with unique views and rich history.

Lisbon Falls

It is undeniable that you will be captivated by Lisbon Falls!

Lisbon Falls is situated in the heart of Mpumalanga’s waterfall area. Water from the Lisbon River gushes over the edge of the cliff at an awe-inspiring 92 meters into Lisbon Creek! This dramatic waterfall is the highest along the Panorama Route. View Lisbon Falls from a viewing platform at the top of the falls, or hike to the base of the falls – each providing completely different perspectives of this breathtaking waterfall!

Pembury Tip – Hike to the bottom of the waterfall to experience the sheer volume and force of Lisbon Falls!

Best time to visit – South Africa’s summer months, December to March.

Mac Mac Falls

The thunderous sound and incredible sight of water crashing down a rock face denotes that you have arrived at Mac Mac Falls! The spectacular twin falls plunge down 65 meters into the Mac Mac River gorge. The waterfall can safely be viewed from a platform above the falls that is easily accessible. Feeling adventurous? Follow the trail to the base of the waterfall and marvel in the spectacular falls up close!

The Mac Mac Falls and indigenous vegetation that can be found at the foot of the waterfall was declared a South African National Monument in 1993.

Did you know? The falls were once a single stream. During the gold rush, gold miners blasted the stream in an attempt to reach the rich gold-bearing reef. This resulted in the stream diverting into two separate streams.

Best time to visit – South Africa’s summer months, December to March.

Berlin Falls

Berlin Falls, located on the Sabine River and situated a mere stone throw away from Lisbon Falls, tumbles down 80 meters! This single stream plunges down into a circular basin that is flanked by red cliffs. This creates a striking contrast, which guarantees incredible scenic sightings! This stunning waterfall was proclaimed a South African National Monument in 1983.

Did you know? This waterfall is said to resemble a large white candle when the river is in full flow, with a narrow wick at the top and a broad base at the bottom.

Best time to visit – October to March.

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