Exploring the Cape Winelands, Pt.1

|Exploring the Cape Winelands, Pt.1



Wine is to Cape Town what tonic is to gin – you haven’t truly experienced what the Western Cape has to offer until you indulge in the wine scene. Many of the world’s best wines come from the Western Cape. The cold winters and long, dry summers are perfect conditions for growing grapes.

“Wine is the only artwork you can drink.”

–  Luis Fernando Olaverri

There is an added element that makes the wine so superb –  the culture amongst the wine makers. Many winemakers are actively involved in outreach work for local communities. They share their secrets of wine-making with each other, rather than guarding them fiercely. This friendly, collaborative environment makes the overall quality of wine in the area world-class.

This being the first in the series of wine-related blogs, we’ll be looking at the various wine estates in the Cape Winelands. These estates are mainly located in two areas – the Franschhoek and Stellenbosch regions (both are less than 1 hour from Cape Town). On clear days, it’s easy to forget where you are – the view of the dramatic mountains overlooking the striking colours of the vineyards is breathtaking. Combine this visual splendour with world-class wine tasting, and you’ve got yourself a lovely afternoon.

Here are Pembury’s first wineries in our Cape Winelands exploration. 

Eikendal Wine Estate

Eikendal is located outside Stellenbosch and has been owned by the same family since its establishment. The resident winemaker, Nico Grobler, is highly acclaimed and globally recognised for his wines which have won a good number of awards. Included in this list is the prestigious Tim Atkin award for which they received 95 points. To achieve such a high score for such an incredible international award such is an outstanding achievement, and to have the luxury of tasting wines of this calibre is a wonderful experience.

Grangehurst Winery

Grangehurst is a family-run winery located on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain in Stellenbosch. They abide by the adage “handcrafted, traditional, and unhurried.” The resident winemaker, Jeremy Walker, has been at Grangehurst since 1992, and is recognised in the region as a top expert on the sourcing of grapes, as well as being an all-round friendly character.

The wine tasting is an experience all on its own and will leave you wanting to purchase the real deal.

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