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Dinner times are always a treat in Africa. Establishments across the continent provide unique dining options, and, in many cases, each evening is different from the night before. In particular, there is one setting that is most favourable among many travellers.

Boma Dinners are one of the best dining experiences across Africa.

Where did the ‘Boma Dinner’ originate from?

This style of dining has been a part of many lives in Africa. Although we are not entirely certain of the exact date, it can be traced back to the San People. Through historical and cultural findings, San descendants would use Boma’s during mealtimes. In Swahili, the word ‘Boma’ means enclosed and for this exact reason, the structure has been designed in a way that would protect them from any surprise visits from wildlife. Especially during a time when many would relax and enjoy time with family members.

What is a Boma?

If you have been on safari and had the opportunity to enjoy a Boma Dinner, you would notice that many establishments have similar structures. The design resembles the shape of a circle or square. Materials used include reeds, sticks and other natural elements, acting as a wall or fence around the dining area. The intimate design is one of the reasons why this style of dining has become a popular dinner setting during a safari.

When can you expect a Boma Dinner?

Many lodges offer Boma Dinners every two to three evenings. Each guest has the opportunity of at least one or (if you’re lucky) two of these dinners during their safari. Each evening is a different dining setting. Do not be surprised if dinner is not in the traditional enclosure. With every sunset, you could find yourself in a new location. Dinner can be served within the dry riverbed or out in the bushveld.

Each dinner setting will be a memorable one.

During your Boma Dinner, you can expect a plated starter. This is followed by a buffet styled dinner where the chefs will dish up and explain the cuisine grilling on the open flames. A plated desert caps off the memorable night, along with a creamy tot of Amarula or your choice of a night cap.

Hungry? Here is the type of Cuisine you can expect.

Boma Dinners have come a long way since the start of the dining design. Lodges throughout Africa have tailored this style of dining to their own, with chefs at the establishments creating unique twists to the traditional Barbeque (Braai) cuisine.

The traditional cuisine includes a selection of meats, salads and vegetables. Each lodge prepares the cuisine based on seasonal vegetables and the availability of the fresh ingredients used. Although the traditional grilling cuisine sounds like something you could prepare at home, unless you are a world-class chef, we promise Boma Dinner cuisine in Africa is something out of this world!

Prevent yourself from having BOMA FOMA (Fear.Of.Missing.Africa)

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