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Symbolic species adoption is one of the many global efforts used to help protect wild animals and their habitats.

It has become a popular way to contribute to wildlife conservation due to its innovative format. Essentially, you adopt an animal while they remain free in their natural habitat. Depending on which organisation you go through, and which plan you choose, there are a few items you will receive in return. You may get an adoption certificate, regular updates about your animal, the chance to name your animal, a plush toy of your adopted animal or a photo of your animal.

We think it is a wonderful way to gift conservation to others and educate young children on the importance of conservation.

Here are our favourite African animal species that are up for adoption.

African Wild Dog Pup

African Wild Dogs, also known as Painted Wolves, because of their irregular, mottled coat of black, brown, yellow and white. Each wild dog’s coat is unique, like a fingerprint. They are one of the most endangered mammals on the planet. They once used to roam Africa in packs of up to 100. Now, most packs have an average seven to fifteen members and there are only around 6,600 left in Africa, there were once over half a million.

Adopt your African Wild Dog pup here.

Pembury Tours - African Wild Dogs

African Elephant Calf

Elephants are one of the most iconic and beloved of Africa’s species, and there is nothing cuter than a baby elephant! Elephants are a keystone species and have a dramatic impact on their environments and landscape. They are seed dispersers and influence forest composition – they create clearings which boost tree regrowth and reduce cover to create suitable habitat for grazing and browsing animals.

Adopt your baby elephant here:

Pembury Tours - Pongola Game Reserve - Jozini - KwaZulu Natal - Game Drive - Game Viewing - Elephant

African Rhino Calf

There are two species of African rhinos – black rhinos are classified as ‘critically endangered’ and white rhinos are ‘near threatened’. The main threat rhinos currently face is that of poaching for the illegal wildlife trade. By adopting a rhino you can help combat wildlife crime, increase law enforcement, support wildlife rangers and anti-poaching efforts.

Adopt your rhino calf here:

Pembury Tours - Naledi Bush Camp - Balule Game Reserve - Kruger - Game Viewing - Game Drive - Rhino baby


Chimpanzees are exceptionally intelligent animals and very close to us in DNA – we share approximately 99% of our DNA with them. They were once found in 25 countries in Africa, they are now extinct in three or four and nearing extinction in their remaining habitats.

Adopt your chimpanzee here:

Pembury Tours - Nyungwe Forest Reserve - Rwanda - Activities - Chimpanzee Trekking


Cheetahs are the most endangered of Africa’s big cats. They were once widespread in Asia and Africa. Sadly, today, they are only found in the grasslands and savannahs of sub-Saharan Africa. They are threatened by hunting, decline of prey populations and habitat loss.

Adopt your cheetah here:

Pembury Tours - Serengeti National Park - Tanzania - Tanzanian Wildlife - East African Safari - Game Viewing - Game Drives - Cheetah


Giraffes are listed by the IUCN Red List as vulnerable. Since 1985, the giraffe population has declined by between 36 and 40%. Giraffes are undergoing a ‘silent extinction’ because the public is unaware of the threat they face, but they are as in need of protection as any other threatened species.

Adopt your giraffe here:

Pembury Tours - Ol Pejeta Conservancy - Kenya - Game Drive - Game Viewing - Giraffe


Gorillas are critically endangered species. Found in the tropical and subtropical forests of Central Africa, their biggest threat is that of habitat loss. They also face threat of poachers and disease. Adopting a gorilla will help ensure that no population is neglected in terms of protection from these above factors.

Adopt your gorilla here:

Pembury Tours - Rwanda - East Africa - Gorilla Tracking - Baby Gorilla & Mother


Leopards are the most elusive of Africa’s big cats. Leopards have seen a population decline of more than 30% in the last 25 years and have lost 48 to 75% of their historic range in Africa.  They are greatly affected by habitat loss as well as revenge or prevention killings by farmers who feel leopards will kill their livestock.

Adopt your leopard here:

Pembury Tours - Malawi - Big Five - Leopard

Lion Cub 

Anyone who has seen the Lion King needs no convincing that a lion cub is one of the cutest baby animals. It is a heartbreaking statistic – the lion population in Africa has decreased by 90% in the last century. Where they once roamed Asia and Africa, they are extinct in 26 countries across Africa.

Adopt your lion here:

Pembury Tours - Linyanti Wildlife Reserve - Botswana - Chobe Border - Game Drive - Game Viewing - Lion


There are 8 species of Pangolin, 4 of which are found in Africa. The rest are found in Asia. You might not have ever heard of these unusual-looking creatures, but they are one of Africa’s most endangered species and one of our most recommended African species for animal adoption. Pangolin scales are believed to have medicinal properties which has resulted in an extremely high demand for them and constant threat of poaching. They are also eaten as bush meat.

Adopt your pangolin here:

Pembury Tours - Pangolin1

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