Frequently Asked Questions about Visiting Africa

|Frequently Asked Questions about Visiting Africa



Google is great when it comes to answering certain questions, such as finding out the actual lyrics to Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics (turns out, it’s sweet dreams are made of these, not cheese).  But some questions are better left to the experts.

We asked Anya, one of our lovely tour consultants, to share the questions she gets asked the most and her answers. Here is her practical advice for your African adventure:

1. What kind of electrical outlets do you have in South Africa and Victoria Falls? 

In South Africa and Victoria Falls, the standard electricity supply is 220/430 volts AC50Hz.  Plug points in South Africa are round 3-pin 15 Amp plugs or 2-pin Euro plugs. Plug points in Zimbabwe are either round 3-pin 15 Amp plugs, square 15 Amp plugs or 2-pin Euro plugs.

2. What visas will we need and how can I obtain them?

US and European Citizens (and citizens from most other countries) do not need any visas for travel into South Africa or Botswana. You would only need a visa for entry to Zimbabwe/Zambia for the Victoria Falls portion of the tour. This Visa is called the Univisa and currently costs US$ 50 per person and allows unlimited entry to both countries.

3. What medical precautions should we take (malaria pills, etc.)?

Victoria Falls, Kruger National Park and Botswana are all low-risk malaria areas. However, I would advise you visit your local travel clinic for the accurate advice on suitable medication for Malaria. There are no compulsory vaccinations required.

4. If we have any questions, can we Skype or WhatsApp you?

I, as well as all the other Pembury tour consultants, will be available on Skype and WhatsApp throughout your trip. We will be in touch until the very end of your trip to make sure everything goes to plan and you have a wonderful time!

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