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Lion Sands – Kingston Treehouse

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Lion Sands Kingston Treehouse is situated in the southern portion of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve with 10 kilometres of Sabie River frontage, where perennial water ensures a high concentration of game. Forming part of the greater Kruger National Park, the reserve has no fences and the wildlife is able to traverse freely between Lion Sands and the Kruger National Park. With 5,000 hectares of wild bush in this private concession within the world-renowned Kruger National Park, you can go exploring off-road and follow the footsteps of the leopard, track down a herd of elephants or simply wait for them to come to you. Lion Sands is family owned & managed by the 4th generation More Family.

Make your way through rows of magnificent white boulders and across a small drawbridge, and you will find Africa opening up in front if you. Set amid the pure and untouched wild, you will be surrounded by African bush and uninhibited wildlife at its best. The Kingston Treehouse is constructed entirely from wood and glass, with contemporary décor in understated hues of greys, white, black and purple. No matter what the weather has in store, you will have a safe and luxurious setting with a unique window to enjoy the ever-changing views. In fact, we defy you to find two identical African sunsets.

The 60m2 Treehouse is situated about 5 minutes from the main lodge, and you will have radio contact with the rangers, should you choose to. You will also find some cellphone reception but don’t expect any Wi-Fi in the bush. Kingston is equipped with full bathroom and shower facilities, and Africology products to complete your sensory experience. Before a dinner of tapas or a full meal with Champagne, enjoy an hour-long massage under the stars to relax and become quiet with the nature around you. A yoga mat and chart are also provided for your use, should the whim strike you.

Kingston is an experience reserved for the fortunate few, and we invite you to tick it off your bucket list. But we feel we must warn you, once will never be enough.

Game drives take place in the morning or late afternoon, moving into the early evening, as this is when wildlife is most active due to the temperatures being the most moderate. The Reserve is completely untouched and home to such a variety of wildlife that every day presents new and exciting interactions in an environment where all levels of the ecosystem fight for their survival in an environment where generally the rule is eat or be eaten. The guides are expertly trained to not only provide you with an encyclopedia of information on all aspects of the ecology but are also well-versed in being incredible hosts, passionate about making sure your highest expectations are met.

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