5 Exclusive, Luxury Safari Lodges in the Maasai Mara

|5 Exclusive, Luxury Safari Lodges in the Maasai Mara



Kenya’s Maasai Mara is one of Africa’s most beloved safari destinations and the seventh natural wonder of the world. ‘Maasai’ honours the Maasai people of Kenya. ‘Mara’ honours their description of the spectacular scenery. ‘Mara’ translates from the Maa language to mean ‘spotted’ in English. The description could not be more fitting – the landscape is spotted with acacia trees, craters, and wildlife.

It is home to over 300 species of birds, the Big Five, and the Wildebeest Migration. The Maasai Mara is the ultimate safari destination that promises a once-in-a-lifetime authentic, special safari experiences.

The expansiveness of the Maasai Mara means it is home to several private safari lodges that take you away from the crowds and immerse you in the magnificent landscape. Here are five of the best luxury, exclusive safari lodges in the Maasai Mara.

1. Angama Mara

Featured in Condé Nast, Travel+Leisure, The Telegraph, Visi and more, Angama Mara offers a truly luxurious, exclusive and delightful safari experience. It is suspended on the rim of the Great Rift Valley, so provides panoramic views of the dramatic landscape. 

Combining the romance of the canvas tented suites with  striking modern architecture, it is a whole new safari experience. The cuisine is inspired by the golden days of safari and celebrates the local produce. Angama Mara offers tailor-made daily safari experiences from sunrise hot-air balloon safaris to Out of Africa-inspired picnics. 

It is a completely intimate, luxurious safari experience in a place ‘suspended between heaven and earth’.

2. Cottar’s Safaris

Award-winning Cottar’s 1920 Safari Camp and private Bush Villa offers a bespoke safari experience. It is owned and managed by the oldest established safari in Africa who understand the true essence of the safari experience. It is situated in an untouched area bordering the Serengeti and Maasai Mara National Reserve so guarantees a completely exclusive and immersive experience.

There are three accommodation options, all of which offer elegance and privacy. Cottar’s 1920 Safari Camp is a return to the romance of the twenties and the original spirit of the safari. The Private Bush Villa is a private stay option for up to 12 guests and has been awarded the World Travel Award for Africa’s Leading Luxury Private Villa. It has breathtaking views of the savannah where the annual Wildebeest Migration takes place. The Fly Camp is a tented, exclusive mobile camp. It is ideal for those craving a true connection with nature.

3. Olarro

A safari sanctuary, Olarro is an elegant escape into Kenya’s Maasai Mara. With only two lodges set in a 20 000-acre wilderness, it guarantees a private safari experience. Described as “irrepressibly wild and flawlessly finessed” Olarro combines striking wilderness with utmost luxury. It hints at a taste of magic with the secluded and luxurious safari lodges.

Olarro Lodge is hidden in the hills. It has 8 luxury lodges, all designed to create a tranquil retreat into Kenya’s wilderness. Olarro Plains overlooks a waterhole and offers panoramic views of the Maasai Mara. It is a seamless experience between wilderness and refined luxury.

4. Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri is Sir Richard Branson’s 12-tented luxury camp. Mahali Mzuri means ‘beautiful place’ in Swahili Born out of Sir Richard Branson’s love for Africa, the camp guarantees a glimpse into the beauty of life in Kenya. The camp is a private, personal experience of the Maasai Mara.

The tented accommodation is luxurious stylish, and provides a seamless window to the surrounding scenery. Its modern exterior combined with a classic African interior make for a unique lodge experience. It is situated in the private Olare Motogori Conservancy on a lush valley provides fantastic views of the annual Wildebeest Migration and other wildlife.

Mahala Mzuri is the ideal way to experience the Maasai Mara without distraction and in complete luxury.

5. Mara Plains

Bordering the Maasai Mara, on a bend in the Ntiakitiak River, is Mara Plains. It is an intimate safari camp with endless views of the horizon and striking acacia trees.  Guests have access to 10 000-acres of exclusive low-vehicle density tourism land, extending the exclusive feel of the camp to the safari experience itself.

The camp was designed with great attention to detail with décor honoring the essence of East Africa – Swahili and Maasai heritage. In combination with this, the rich copper, leather and brass furnishings provide a striking complement to the surrounding wilderness.