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I grew up on a farm in the Eastern Cape of South Africa where from a young age we hosted many international guests in our family run lodge and this is where I began my love for tourism, conservation and building interpersonal relationships with people who at the time felt like they  came from worlds away. I was blessed to be raised in the beautiful South African bushveld where I cultivated an intense passion for photography which I still enjoy today.

I have been privileged to meet incredible people and see amazing areas of Southern Africa which I truly want others to experience for themselves, not just through photographs. I thrive on listening to stories that other people tell around the boma fire or dinner table while I am visiting these places and thoroughly enjoy sharing our experiences of living in Africa with them. I very quickly realised that there are two types of traveller: the “once in a lifetime” client who has saved for this and only this trip to Africa and the seasoned traveller who is blessed with the means to travel regularly to different destinations. Both types of client deserve and require the same amount of planning, assistance and attention to detail when organising their travels to Africa. I have seen how my fellow consultants always go the extra mile for every client and the joy that this brings all of us when clients send us feedback on their experiences – This makes our hearts happy!

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