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Groundbreaking Coffee Tours in Rwanda ∣ Blog

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Groundbreaking Coffee Tours in Rwanda   Rwanda is known for its extraordinary Gorilla Trekking Adventures in the Volcanoes National Park but there is more to the country of a Thousand Hills. The country has earned its reputation as one of the best coffee creators in the world, with high-quality and delicious coffee being produced throughout […]

The Pearls of Uganda ∣ Blog

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The Pearls of Uganda Surrounded by phenomenal volcanic landscapes, visiting the ‘Pearl of Africa’ can feel like a privilege. The untamed beauty of the landlocked country will leave its guests in awe as the misty mountains and open savannahs welcome you home. Scattered throughout Uganda, travellers will experience the many pearls that make Uganda a […]

Zimbabwe’s Charm: Six Facts You May Not Know ∣ Blog

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THE CHARM OF ZIMBABWE Zimbabwe is home to beautiful National Parks, diverse cultures, harsh and celebrated historical monuments and the mighty Victoria Falls. The country has had a troubled past but from this, they have grown. The future of beautiful Zimbabwe is brighter than ever. Zimbabwe’s Charm is in the beauty of its people, history, […]

Pembury’s Phone Photography Tips ∣ Blog

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PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: GETTING TO KNOW HOW Africa is a playground for photographers. As you embark on your journey to Africa, your camera is one of the first items you grab as you head out on a day tour or game drive. So what happens when you mistakenly forget to charge your camera battery or […]

Epic Elephant Edits ∣ Photographic Blog

Pembury Tours African Elephant by Wolfgang Feature

EPIC ELEPHANT EDITS: ICONIC PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE AFRICAN ELEPHANT World Elephant Day (and World Photography Day) is celebrated each year on the 12th and 19th August, respectively. With these iconic days approaching, the team at Pembury Tours decided to put together a collection of African Elephant photographs, captured by various photographers. [/fusion_text][fusion_text] Each of these […]

Boma Dinners ∣ Blog

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BOMA DINNERS Dinner times are always a treat in Africa. Establishments across the continent provide unique dining options, and, in many cases, each evening is different from the night before. In particular, there is one setting that is most favourable among many travellers. Boma Dinners are one of the best dining experiences across Africa. Where […]

Unframed Ice Cream – Proudly South African ∣ Blog

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UNFRAMED ICE CREAM PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN ARTISANAL ICE CREAM “Some ice cream puns are rich, others are nutty, but all of them are sweet.” — Unknown Ice Cream Enthusiast There is a true magic about an icy creamy ice cream and when it is served from the number one ice cream parlour in the world […]

Scenic Mountain Passes of South Africa Pt. 2

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SCENIC MOUNTAIN PASSES OF SOUTH AFRICA PART TWO Following our first blog on the scenic mountain passes of South Africa, featuring one of Lesotho’s iconic passes, our second edition features another 9 passes, located within each of South Africa’s provinces, as well as another spectacular pass in our neighbouring country, Lesotho. Buckle up, the time […]

Fascinating Facts about Namibia ∣ Blog

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FASCINATING FACTS ABOUT NAMIBIA Namibia needs no introduction as it evokes images of sand dunes, shipwrecks, starry night skies, animals blushed with powder white dust and tangerine landscapes with a blue backdrop. Immerse yourself in the knowledge that lies beyond the sandy exterior of Namibia. Here are our fascinating facts on the jewel of the […]

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